Top tips buying salon furniture

Here are some top tips in buying salon furniture by salon retail experts: The vas majority of salon owners might well be masters in understanding how to execute a perfect graduated bob, or be at ease with the colour wheel, but when it comes to choosing salon furniture, does anyone really know what makes a salon chair sturdy or a […]

Sound advice for creating a successful salon retail division

There’s a way of increasing your turnover without even employing a new team member- and that’s by boosting your salon retail. It’s been said time and time again, but the fact is retail sales can account for a whole other person’s annual turnover. So how can you get it right for maximum results? Matthew Lutos, comes from a background of […]

Pricing Salon Products

Looking to increase your salon turnover? Matthew Lutos, MD for salon furniture company Vision Salons, comes from a background of designing retail environments for premium beauty brands. PERFECTING PRICE POINTS According to Matthew, pricing the salon products is also a must because customers don’t want the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk […]

The future of Technology – Salon Design

FOR SALONS There’s no doubt about it, technology is moving incredibly fast. Most five year olds are able to use an iPad with ease, and laptops, smart phones, dongles and apps have become an essential part of everyday life. It’s changing the way you live and it’s set to change the way you work. Technology has erupted in the last […]

Buying Salon Furniture Tips

Are you planning to buy salon furniture for your new salon? Here are some top tips by Matthew Lutos, Salon design expert: 1) It’s all in the salon furniture detail : Always ask salon furniture supplier if seams are single or double stitched, and if fabrics are tested and if so, how. The frames of chairs are also important. The […]

Stuck in your Salon Design. Need help?

Matthew Lutos, a salon design expert, sharing some advice and experience that will lead to salon innovation. 1) Price and label all your salon products : Once you have your perfect product selection which is nearly well-selected, make sure you have clear pricing and a short description outlining the benefit for every item. The majority of times people would rather […]

Basic Guide to buy Salon Furniture

Matthew Lutos is a Salon Design expert. Here are some of his top tips when buying salon furniture or salon planning. 1) Always ask a salon furniture supplier if the seams are single stiched, and if the fabrics are tested and if so, how. The frames of chairs are also important. The wood that the seat is made from should […]

Salon refit tips by Matthew Lutos

How do you get to know who your clients are? How do you design salon to suit them? Matthew Lutos, managing director of salon furniture company, is an expert in salon design and says painting a picture of your typical clientele should be the starting point for any design or salon refit. “If you’re happy reacting to whatever clients happen […]

Always follow the money – Salon Design Experts

Knowing your customer is vital for any business, but it’s particularly important when it comes to designing a salon. You don’t, afterall, want to part with large sums of cash designing an environment that really doesn’t appeal to your market. But how go get to know you clients are, and when you do know, how do you design your salon […]