Salon Case Studies

Salon Case Studies :


“The end result is stunning and has made a big impact on our clients. The reality is, by addressing our retail area and just making some small changes, we’ve improved our profits massively. We have seen retail figures significantly improve since the refit was complete, one of the best weeks there was a 67% increases on sales year on year. This makes a massive difference to our bottom line, and we are so glad that we made the investment to change our retail area.” Clive Colman, Founder and Managing Director, Burlingtons.


“I’m a partner in a small chain of hairdressers on the south coast of England. We first used the designer Jessica Read when taking over an old run down salon in Winchester. To see now, the before and after photographs are quite staggering.

They offered an immediate space design after doing a thorough site visit and survey.
Jessica welcomed our ideas and listened to our point of view and comes up with several options to help you make a final decision.
Once you’ve made a decision on layout it is then very easy to pick a style of furniture to suit your tastes and needs.
Being able to visit the studio to see the various ranges is very helpful.
I would consider myself as being particularly fussy and having things exactly as I want them and Jessica always finds a way of making the design fit the space available.
After the design stage, the ordering process was extremely efficient and arrived on time with all the components in place. This year we are currently looking at 2 other venues and have various options to choose from and can highly recommend this service.”

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