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Pricing Salon Products

Pricing Salon Products

Looking to increase your salon turnover?

Matthew Lutos, MD for salon furniture company Vision Salons, comes from a background of designing retail environments for premium beauty brands.

According to Matthew, pricing the salon products is also a must because customers don’t want the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk away than ask the price,” he says.

Finally, he recommends salons should have testers on display so anyone can touch, smell and experience the product before they buy. Testers are so important and you can guarantee they will help sell more products,” he says. “People want to smell the ingredients, not just read about them on the bottle.”
If retailing is something you’ve managed to master, then you’re no doubt laughing all the way to the stock room. But if on the other hand you’re still in the mindset that salon design professionals aren’t sales people, it’s definitely time for a change of direction. Good retailing can considerably increase your profits and most importantly, completes the service you’re offering.



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