Pricing Salon Products

Looking to increase your salon turnover? Matthew Lutos, MD for salon furniture company Vision Salons, comes from a background of designing retail environments for premium beauty brands. PERFECTING PRICE POINTS According to Matthew, pricing the salon products is also a must because customers don’t want the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk […]

The future of Technology – Salon Design

FOR SALONS There’s no doubt about it, technology is moving incredibly fast. Most five year olds are able to use an iPad with ease, and laptops, smart phones, dongles and apps have become an essential part of everyday life. It’s changing the way you live and it’s set to change the way you work. Technology has erupted in the last […]

Reception Desk – Perfect for salon designing

At Vision Salons, we have some new salon furniture – Reception desks for your salon. They are perfect for salon designing and will add a new style to your salon. Check this out: Change Reception Desk Senso Smart Reception Desk Modulo reception Desk Choice Reception Desk Senso Reception Desk Visit our website for more salon furniture. Check out our facebook […]

Getting the basic right in salon planning

A great salon is all about stunning wallpaper, a nice comfy waiting sofa and coffee machines that deliver freshly ground, right? Well, not exactly. Salon design 2011 style is about as sophisticated as it has ever been, but whilst the finishing touches are the fun bit, it’s vital to get the basic right- which all starts with salon design. Paula […]


Hellen Ward, our resident business guru and co-owner of the highly successful Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa, takes a logical approach when tackling hair salon refurbishments , warning of the pitfalls of spending your budget too quickly. She explains: “What’s critical is to ensure your budget looks at the practicalities not just the design elements-we all know interior designers that […]

Salon Products – Backwash Chair

Vision Salons, rising salon furniture company of the UK has varied range of Backwash Chairs. It is one of the most commonly used salon product. It has to be of good quality. Check out these designs: Synchro Cube R Synchro 4020S Synchro Loop S Vareo Backwish Chair Comfort Backwash Chair Salon Furniture at Vision Salons.

Other Salon Products

Some new salon products for creating salon innovation. Rondo Hand MIrror T Foot Rest Motion Foot Rest Dumbo Children’s Seat Cushion Windows Decopanel Tower Service Car Visit our website to check out full range of salon furniture and salon design advices by experts. Facebook page

Case Study Burlington

The Client: Burlingtons, London W1 The Brief: To transform the waiting area in Burlingtons West-End Salon and create a zone that would tell the whole story of the Burlingtons and New ID studios business. The area would provide a space where clients would wait before having their hair, make-up or photographs taken. The brief also included revamping the window space which […]

Stylish & Comfy backwashes for your salon

We have a team of salon design experts and help you turn your dream salon design into reality. We also do bespoke salon furniture to match up to your requirements. Here are some of our new and stylish backwashes. Check out these salon products. Joy Shape LavaSit Joy wins you over with a slender stainless steel base and can be […]

New Salon Designs

New Salon design dreams delivered by Vision Salons Client comfort and functionality came first in the equation, but the salon design based on the contrast of the raw, edgy warehouse with the softer touches was followed throughout.” Guy Christian, founder. “We worked to create our perfect salon. The aim was to create a minimalist look and utilise the salons vast […]