Beauty Salon Design

Stuck in your Salon Design. Need help?

Matthew Lutos, a salon design expert, sharing some advice and experience that will lead to salon innovation.

1) Price and label all your salon products : Once you have your perfect product selection which is nearly well-selected, make sure you have clear pricing and a short description outlining the benefit for every item. The majority of times people would rather not buy than ask the price. Prevent this by clearly pricing your stock. In addition, highlight each product’s key benefits and the hair type is most suitable for. This can be really brief and concise, but will give shoppers reasons for buying and engage them with your display.

2) Use lighting to enhance your display : Simple LED lighting can instantly transform a salon retail area and the shelving, whilst drawing attention to the area. Again, look at how beauty halls and department stores use lighting, particularly with retail hair and beauty products. This is an inexpensive way of retailing like the experts.

3) Give your team the knowledge : There’s no doubt that retailing can dramatically increase your turnover, but it is something that the whole team need to get behind. Salons that are successful with retail do so because each team member knows about the product benefits on offer.




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