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Top tips buying salon furniture

Top tips buying salon furniture

Here are some top tips in buying salon furniture by salon retail experts:

The vas majority of salon owners might well be masters in understanding how to execute a perfect graduated bob, or be at ease with the colour wheel, but when it comes to choosing salon furniture, does anyone really know what makes a salon chair sturdy or a backwash leak-proof.

Top Tips:

– If you can get a one or two year warranty then you know the company will be selling with confidence. Don’t be afraid to ask where the backwashes are made – if its somewhere in the world that you’ve never heard of who don’t really have a reputation for their manufacturing, there’s a chance you could be wasting your money. The other point is, look at the hose position. We enclose ours so they will take much more wear and tear, but also the backwash experience is far quieter for the client. This can be considered very important when buying salon furniture or deciding salon refit.

– In salon refit, make sure your plumber is aware that all the backwashes could be running at once and that they need to all have the correct pressure and temperature regardless of how many basins are being used.


– Ask the salon furniture supplier for references of salons who have has these chairs for some time and who you can visit and see them after they’ve been used for a few years. Most salon owners would be more than happy for someone to have a quick look at their clients.