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Buying Salon Furniture Tips

Are you planning to buy salon furniture for your new salon?

Here are some top tips by Matthew Lutos, Salon design expert:

1) It’s all in the salon furniture detail : Always ask salon furniture supplier if seams are single or double stitched, and if fabrics are tested and if so, how. The frames of chairs are also important. The wood that the seat is made from should be a hardwood, such as beech, which is exceptionally durable. It sounds dull, but ask the manufacturer what wood the chair is made from and if you are not convinced it is a solid wood, ask how durable it is.



2) If you can’t find the styling stations for salons that you want, dont dismiss having them made… : Chairs, backwashes, salon reception desks should be your main area of investment. A reputable joiner will be able to custom – make you styling stations that will last a lifetime, but only a reputable salon furniture supplier company can supply you with great quality chairs and backwashes that have been built for a busy salon.


3) Try before you buy : The first generation of massage chairs tend to be the least uncomfortable, so opt for the recent second generation shiatsu chairs – they really make the backwash experience worthwhile. My advice is to sit and test them for a while, check them that they multiple speed and pressure functions and get a second opinion with regards to the comfort factor.

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