Modern Barber Salon Interior Design

A barber salon is that special place where men cut, groom, style and shave their hair. Designing a modern barber salon can be a challenge for inexperienced owners. But don’t worry! With the help of Vision Salons, your business will set itself apart from your competitors in no time. A well designed barber salon with an eye catching interior gets noticed more easily by the passing crowd and attracts the attention of potential customers.

You know you own a modern barber salon if you have no problem providing a positive answer to the following questions: Is your barber salon comfortable for your clients? Does the interior design look modern and unique? Is the barber salon design layout practical and functional for staff to work in?

Before you start investing in the barber salon interior design there are several factors that you have to consider.

Space planning

For a barber salon there’s no need for a complicated interior design. A minimal and practical design is manly and can make your customers feel like home. A barber salon needs to be comfortable. In this regard, your salon should be equipped with professional chairs that can provide a high level of comfort to your customers. The barber salon should be organised in several areas including reception and waiting area, retail area and styling area.

Lighting and layout

Lighting selection can set the mood for the entire barber salon. Using proper lighting, a dull looking salon can be transformed into a lively barber salon that pleases with its cozy atmosphere. The barber salon interior design layout is also important. A salon with plenty of space between chairs tends to look classy and spacey.

Colour selection and decorations

Colour affects us psychologically and emotionally and should be considered a basic element in the interior design of your barber salon. Selecting the right colour can have a positive effect on your staff and clientele. Together with our interior designer experts we will help you choose the colour that works best for your salon according to your style of the salon and location. Although there is a wide range of colours that you can be used for a barber salon, we recommend monochromatic or complementary colour schemes where walls, floor and ceiling provide the main colour while the salon furniture and accessories provide the complementary colour.

The last elements in interior design are decorations. Some barber salons decorate their walls with huge photos of celebrities illustrating their latest haircuts which clients can choose. Another great idea is to decorate the walls with multiple mirrors or some old paintings which gives the salon a more classical look.