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Our view is that Salon Furniture is probably the single most important investment. Comfortable and stylish furniture – the chairs especially are crucial. Clients will know which Salons have the best furniture. That is where they will enjoy their time in a Salon. Poor quality will start to suffer. The central spindle will start to wobble. The arm rests will become damaged. The seat of the chair will lose its spring and comfort. The investment should always include decently made furniture. There are a lot of furniture providers especially online these days. Always try to visit the showroom, and check the real items.


All new furniture looks great on photographs. But close up and personal is a very different experience. How furniture is made mechanically is most important. How are the materials stitched. Always check warranties supplied. And consider the location of the manufacturer – in other words how difficult would it be to send back a damaged furniture item to the original manufacturer. We have worked with furniture manufacturers from many countries, both in Europe and the Far East.



About Cindarella

Designing and manufacturing furniture to your distinctive taste has been our job for more than 50 Years. We can adapt a catalogue product to your space and to suit your needs: styling units, storage fixtures or units. Cindarella also produces special units on request (lab fixtures, reception desks, display cabinets, etc.), adapted to your space constraints.

Made In France

All our designs are made in our workshops located close to Paris. We produce over 8o% of the components used in the making of our fixtures. The workshops are semi-industrialized to control costs, quality and lead-time. Respect of traditional fabrication and modernity are complementary.

Exceptional Design And Luxury Quality

The exemplary Melody shampoo station, the elegant Aubade chair for Courreges Home Couture, the Palaquin sporting Le Corbusier accents, and the futuristic Equilibrium created by renowned French designer Ora Ito are the reflection of our history, know-how and creativity.

Manufacture Craftsmen At Heart

Quality and knowhow: the knowledge of manufacture. Cindarella integrates highly skilled and loyal craftsmen ensuring quality work and precision. Our site brings together all trades: a saddlery shop, a carpentry workshop and a ther­ moforming plastic materials, each product is de­ signed and finalized by the band of our craftsmen.

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We currently work with Cindarella who make their own furniture in their own factory, located just south of Paris, France. The company has been a family business for a long time and, over the years, have developed a wonderful range of Salon items. We have found that the products are beautifully made with real attention to detail. The Company encourages Clients to come to the Factory to check the ways in which the products are made. In addition Cindarella has a showroom in Paris, close to the Eurostar station.


That means easy access from UK to spend a day to visit the showroom and sample all the ranges. The other aspect of our service is that we provide Leasing Finance to buy furniture, which will help with cash flow management, especially when there is a chunk of money going on the build of the new salon.


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salon design and build