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Our first fundamental consideration is to understand the Client’s vision. The Salon owner will have their own vision of how the Salon could feel. That basic feeling is so important as the Salon must reflect the Salon Owner’s personal preferences. At its simplest some like blue and some like red? Understated cool greys or bright rainbow colours? Then we turn to materials – do people prefer wood finishes, or metal or glass…and of course there is the style – is it retro? Maybe art deco or very contemporary?


So many of these first thoughts are critical to creating the right design for the individual Salon Owner. So we work on those first principles with our Clients. One of the most important opportunities is to ask our Clients to create a tear sheet file. Any visuals which impress. Any magazine pages that might inspire. All those images are really helpful to understand our Client preferences.

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Step One

Our hair and beauty salon design experts will take measurements needed to produce an existing floor plan.

Step Two

Our team will work to create a suggested new floor plan, taking into account the locations of plumbing, lighting and electrical points, as well as the correct positioning of styling units and other furniture.

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Step Three

Mood boards are created taking into account your style, look at lighting, wall colour, floor covering, features and different textures. We then add that special finishing touch which makes our salons so successful!

Step Four

3Ds are created for your dream hair beauty or spa salon, using all of the ingredients from the agreed mood boards so you get a good idea of your redesign in “real life”.

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Step Five

While the design for your salon is in progress, build quotes will be made for sign off in accordance to your budget. We will then mark out the signed off floor plan on the floor in the building so you can picture where items will be situated.


Once we have established the ingredients of the feel of the design, we create a mood board. That might contain 10-15 images which should capture what has been discussed re the design style. The mood board will guide the final design which is created in 3d format, which is virtually like a photograph of the proposed vision. That’s when it gets exciting as the 3d will show our Client how the Salon will look when finished. The vision should be achieved. Then we can fine tune any elements and the design is done.


It means the Owner knows exactly what to expect with the finished product. From that position, we can provide a quote to build what is on the 3d visuals. Naturally there will be small changes going forward, as budgets are crucial to achieve. So we will work with our Clients to find alternative solutions within the design approved. In most cases the design process takes approx. 2 weeks to achieve.


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