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How to make an impression in seconds?

How to make an impression in seconds?

The message you project to potential clients in the first few seconds in crucial, says Matthew Lutos

The window

All too often, a salon window is covered in too many posters and messages. There is no focus and visually it becomes like wallpaper. Get someone who is not afraid to be honest to look at your salon with a fresh pair of eyes and tell you what you don’t always see. Remember your window is the advert that promotes your salon 24/7, so if all that can be seen is a few dead plants and some old posters, what will this say about your business? It’s your billboard to the world so use it wisely to shout about your key messages.

Curb-side appeal

Consider investing in an LED screen, they are modern, slick and not too expensive. It’s a great way to use imagery and messages to define your salon’s personality – a moving image is always eye-catching to the passerby. It is also a perfect way to tailor your message to the community and vary it according to the time, day or target specific client groups.

The reception desk

Your space inside the door needs to be inviting and make clients and non-clients wander in and have a browse. If they are confronted by a desk straight away it can feel intimidating. Think about the way we shop on the high street and in department stores – people like to make a buying decision without being stared at by someone at a reception desk who is just a few feet away.

The desk itself shouldn’t be too high, so the clients can see the receptionist. Like any retail outlet, it should be clean and tidy as this gives a subtle message that your business as well-managed and organized. All too often salon reception desks are full of clutter – and they should most definitely not be.

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Salon Furniture is very important for every salon. Investing in salon furniture aids to make an impression on potential clients.