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How to display Salon products?

How to display Salon products?

How you actually display your products is a key factor in making yoursalon retail story a success. High quality, functional and stylish retail units are a must. “It’s a false economy to buy cheap retail units. Investing in salon furniture may cost you more in the initial stages, however you know it’s going to last. Retail units in particular need to look great but more importantly they need to talk to the client; tell them about the benefits of the individual product lines. Interact and educate rather than just stack the stock on shelves…

It’s a good point. With supermarkets competing for shampoo sales, the units in a salon need to reflect the premium price. How can you expect someone to buy a shampoo that is ten times the price of the supermarket if you’re displaying it on a tacky looking unit?

According to Matthew, pricing the salon products is a must because quite rightly, no one wants the embarrassment of asking how much something is. “The majority of people would rather walk away than ask the price,” he says.

Finally, always have testers on display so anyone can touch smell and experience the product before they buy it. “Testers are so important and you can guarantee they will help sell more products. People want to smell the ingredients, not just read about them on the bottle,” says Matthew.






If retailing is something you’ve managed to master, then you’re no doubt laughing all the way to the stock room. If on the other hand you’re still in the mindset that hairdressers are not sales people, then it’s definitely time for a change of direction. Good retailing can considerably increase your profits and most importantly, completes the service that you’re offering as a professional hairdresser.

Small Tip on Salon Design:


The first thing to ensure is that the valves are balanced properly so that temperatures are consistent when other taps are turned on. Also get your plumber to do a pressure test before the floor tiles go back down. It’s a simple test and will save ripping the floor up if it hasn’t been done properly.

The constant usage of water is a salon means that inevitably things will go wrong from time to time.

Therefore access panels are a must. Access to valves and pumps must be easy so that you don’t have to destroy the décor in order to get something fixed.

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