Wiring and LED Lighting for your Salon


Wiring is cheap to do when you are gutting a place, but really expensive if you need to add more lighting or make changes afterwards, so it is really important to get it right to begin with.

Think about how natural light works in your salon and let this guide where to have styling stations. Always go for more lighting rather than less for your salon design.

Decide on where your salon reception desk will go at the beginning and stick to it. If you change where it is going half way through the project, you are looking at moving a lot of sockets.

Think through the position of sockets on the styling stations, considering the direction of the wire for the hairdryer, you don’t want the wire getting wrapped around the client’s neck or around the salon furniture

Think of your salon in terms of zones and how each zone will be lit.

LED Lighting is eco-friendly and popular but unfortunately it doesn’t give off a significant amount of light for the work needed in a salon. If you are going to go for LED lighting get some proper advice and add more than you think you are going to need.

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