Salons Projects

We have recently worked few major salons… Check it out: Andrew Collinge Andrew Collinge is one of the most sought after hairdressers in the world and an International Ambassador for the industry. There are very few areas of the hairdressing industry that have not benefited from the influence, creativity and expertise of Andrew Collinge. There are now six Andrew Collinge […]

Salon Case Studies

Salon Case Studies : BURLINGTONS: “The end result is stunning and has made a big impact on our clients. The reality is, by addressing our retail area and just making some small changes, we’ve improved our profits massively. We have seen retail figures significantly improve since the refit was complete, one of the best weeks there was a 67% increases […]

Salon Furniture – Leasing Options

At Vision Salons, we do leasing options for salon furniture. We understand the requirements of our clients and provide bespoke salon design services! Loop Chair £6.26 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.RRP: £865 Hairmaster £10.11 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.RRP: £1400 Selection Backwash with Loop £7.23 per weekBased on a 4 year leasing option.RRP: £2385 […]

College Case Study

COLLEGE CASE STUDIES We have designed many Colleges and have all the necessary experience to create HAIR & BEAUTY Salon areas which work in both an educational format as well as a commercial salon environment for students. Colleges are under enormous pressure to provide up to date learning environments to support the various NVQ courses. Key to this is the […]

Preston College Case Study

T H E  C L I E N T P r e s t o n  C o l l e g e , L a n c a s h i r e T H E  B R I E F  We  w e r e  a s k e d  t o  c r e a t e  […]

Examples Salon Design

In this post we want to show you some example salon design that we can do for you. You just have to give us the idea of your salon design budget and sit back. We will take care of everything- Salon furniture and retail design. Here are some examples for you: Tommy’s Salon Daniel Galvin Jnr Retail Design Salon Innovation […]

Make salon retail boom

Despite the huge amounts spent on hair and beauty products in the UK, many salons are still only achieving average 10 to 12 percent of their entire turnover from retail. Salon owners are aware of the potential but find themselves short on support, advice, training and motivatio, so we are bringing it to you here. There ‘s one sure way […]

What is salon refit?

Salon Refit When you hear the words “salon refurb”, thoughts of hundreds of thousands of pounds instantly cross your mind. And while some salon refurbs will cost upwards of £200,000, you can still spruce up your salon for a lot less. Leonie Westwood looks at how you can make some effective changes on varying budgets. A FRESH LOOK WITHOUT BLOWING […]

The future of Technology – Salon Design

FOR SALONS There’s no doubt about it, technology is moving incredibly fast. Most five year olds are able to use an iPad with ease, and laptops, smart phones, dongles and apps have become an essential part of everyday life. It’s changing the way you live and it’s set to change the way you work. Technology has erupted in the last […]

Getting the basic right in salon planning

A great salon is all about stunning wallpaper, a nice comfy waiting sofa and coffee machines that deliver freshly ground, right? Well, not exactly. Salon design 2011 style is about as sophisticated as it has ever been, but whilst the finishing touches are the fun bit, it’s vital to get the basic right- which all starts with salon design. Paula […]