Beauty Salon Design
Salon Design Planning Process

Salon Design Planning Process

Vision Salons is a professional salon design agency based in London has a very organised planning process which helps hairdressers to get the best interior design for beauty salons.
1.    Our experts will take measurements of the whole area needed to produce an existing floor plan.
2.    Our friendly and professional team will work together to create a suggested NEW  floor plan and will take into consideration issues related to plumbing, lighting and electrical points, as well as the correct positioning of styling units and other furniture.
3.    Mood boards are created according to client’s style and work on lighting, wall colour, floor covering, features and different textures.
4.   With the help of 3D technology, we create client’s design to get everything right first and then turn into reality.
5.    Whilst the salon designing is in progress, build quotes will be made for sign off in accordance to your budget.
Some of our recently completed designs:
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