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More Salon Case Studies

More Salon Case Studies

Vision Salons is a salon designing and salon refit company based in london providing expert and bespoke solutions to hair salon for the salon products and how the salon should be designed to get the maximum benefit.

Salon Case Studies:


“Having decided to open a hair salon in Alloa, we thought, we have the premises but where do we start. As I knew Jim Ward personally I went to him for advice, and he told me of Judith Holmes and said he would get her to give us a call. Sure enough that week she phoned and arranged an appointment to come to our shell of a salon, which she did in the same week. The salon needed a lot of interior work done structure wise but Judith got to it taking measurements, showing us materials for chairs coverings and for floors; there was not a thing she did not put to us. Within 1 week she had a floor plan and design for us. Together we made a few changes as we had a budget to stick to, so she worked with us and put to us alternatives. Once we decided it was all go, Judith was always on the other side of the phone when our workmen had any queries i.e. plug points, plumbing they would just phone and she could tell them exactly what they needed to know. The furniture and fittings we ordered arrived on schedule and was all the correct order with no faults (thank goodness) so we were ready for our big opening evening for family and friends. Judith was there that Friday night which myself and which myself was a very personal touch. She stayed for ages taking photos and talking to everyone, so her support never ended after the sale it was on going. So thanks Judith for our beautiful salon design. Our clientele is booming with everyone commenting on how lovely the salon is. It does pay to invest in decent furniture so am glad we took the advice because people will pay to come into a nice salon. The past year of trading has shown that.”




“Karen has designed 2 salon for me over the past few years. My latest salon is 4700 square foot and accommodates 62 styling positions over 3 floors. Karen was there from the start of the process and has been a great support throughout; she has a huge depth of knowledge and great professionalism with an ability to think outside the box. Her designs have helped me to achieve a salon that I am proud of.”

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