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Make salon retail boom

Make salon retail boom

Despite the huge amounts spent on hair and beauty products in the UK, many salons are still only achieving average 10 to 12 percent of their entire turnover from retail. Salon owners are aware of the potential but find themselves short on support, advice, training and motivatio, so we are bringing it to you here.

There ‘s one sure way of increasing your turnover without employing a new team member – that’s by boosting your salon retail sales. In order to do that, you need to engage in a little light housework.

“Firstly, you need to look at the products you’re offering and questions how many do the same thing. If it’s confusing for you, it will definitely be confusing for the consumer.” says Matthew Lutos, who specialised in salon designing retail environments.

He believes you should narrow down your retail offerings where your have more than one product for the same hair type, colour and desired end result. Otherwise, it’s like when you go into Selfridges and find rows of beauty stands all competing for the consumer’s attention.

Salon owner Paul Falltrick believes you still have to offer choice to meet the needs of al your clients – including their budget. “Be cost effective.” he says. “Don’t overprice your salon products. If you have a product line that’s expensive, consider bringing one in that’s slightly cheaper.”

Whether product lines you choose, you and your staff have to know absolutely everything about them. “You should know more than the sales rep. you’re the hairdresser.” adds Paul.